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Types of Deeds

Popular Property Deeds in Florida

Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed is a legal instrument that transfers an individual's interest in real property without guaranteeing the title's clarity or freedom from liens. Essentially, it conveys the grantor's current interest, if any, in the property with a statement akin to "I relinquish any claims to this property," but does not assure the grantee of a clear and unencumbered title.

This type of deed is particularly favored for transactions among family members or trusted associates, where there's minimal risk of dispute and a high level of trust. It's often used in personal situations such as divorce settlements or for the simple reassignment of property titles among joint owners, facilitating quick and uncomplicated transfers without the need for extensive title reviews or insurance.

Lady Bird Deed

Lady Bird Deeds is a legal tool for estate planning. It is commonly known as an "Enhanced Life Estate Deed," It allows property owners to retain control over their property during their lifetime and automatically transfer it to a beneficiary upon death without probate. It was named after Lady Bird Johnson.

This type of deed is revocable, allowing the owner to change beneficiaries or sell the property anytime and facilitate a quick, probate-free transfer upon the owner's death, making it an effective method for bypassing the lengthy and costly probate process.

Lady Bird Deeds are the preferred choice for estate planning attorneys.

General Warranty Deed

General Warranty Deeds provide buyers with the highest level of protection. They guarantee that the seller (grantor) holds a clear title, free from any liens, encumbrances, or claims, and confirms their legal right to sell the property.

This type of deed commits the seller to defend the buyer (grantee) against any future challenges to the title, offering buyers unparalleled assurance and security regarding the property's title. By including comprehensive legal warranties, General Warranty Deeds protect the entire history of the property, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of ownership.

Special Warranty Deed

A Special Warranty Deed is a legal document used in real estate transactions to transfer property ownership from the seller (grantor) to the buyer (grantee). Unlike a General Warranty Deed, which offers comprehensive assurances about the property's title throughout its history, a Special Warranty Deed provides limited guarantees.

This deed type is commonly used when the property's full history may not be completely known or in scenarios where the seller is unable or unwilling to vouch for the title's integrity before their ownership.

Corrective Deed

Corrective Deeds are used to fix errors in a property deed, such as incorrect names, property descriptions, or other details. It does not transfer ownership but amends the original deed for accuracy, preventing future disputes and ensuring clear title records.

This deed requires agreement and signatures from the original parties and must be officially recorded, maintaining the integrity of real estate documentation.

Affidavit of Deed

An Affidavit of Deed is a formal, sworn statement used to verify various aspects of property ownership and deed details. It serves multiple purposes, such as confirming the completion of a property transfer, clarifying discrepancies in a deed, or updating records to reflect a change in ownership due to inheritance or sale.

Using an Affidavit of Deed helps prevent and resolve potential disputes over property boundaries, ownership, and title claims, and by making a sworn statement, the affiant (the person who signs the affidavit) legally attests to the truth of the information provided, under penalty of perjury.

Enhanced Life Estate Deed

An Enhanced Life Estate Deed, or "Lady Bird Deed," enables property owners to freely control, use, sell, or mortgage their assets during their lifetime without beneficiary consent. Its primary advantage lies in the automatic property transfer to a designated beneficiary upon the owner's death, bypassing the probate process for quicker, cost-effective inheritance.

Unlike traditional life estate deeds, this deed transfers property to heirs upon death, avoiding the delays and costs of probate while granting owners complete control over their property during their lifetime. This combination of benefits makes it a favored tool among estate planning experts, simplifying property management and inheritance with ease and adaptability.

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Don't wait—schedule a quick 15-minute virtual consultation for a personalized deed with our attorneys. Upgrade to optional eNotary and eRecording services to skip office visits make the entire process a virtual one.

Our experienced real estate attorneys provide a quick, 15-minute virtual consultation to assist clients in selecting the right deed and addressing any questions they may have. We offer our expertise to clients with properties in all 67 Florida counties, whether locally or internationally.

Following the quick 15-minute attorney consultation, we review the previously recorded deed and draft the new personalized deed. If any questions arise or title issues are discovered during this process, we will promptly reach out to provide additional options or solutions.

After the deed is drafted, it undergoes a final review before being sent. The deed will require notarization, usually done at a local bank branch or signing agent service. Make the entire process a virtual one by upgrading to our eNotary and eRecoding services for an additional $99 fee during checkout.

Once the deed is executed and notarized, clients have the option to record it by visiting their local county recorder's office, or they can make the entire process virtual by upgrading to our eNotary and eRecording services for an additional $99 fee during checkout.


Features/Types of Deeds

Lady Bird Deed

Quitclaim Deed

General Warranty Deed

Special Warranty Deed

Correction Deed

Affidavit of Deed

Guarantees on Title

No Guarantee on Title


Full Title Guarantees

Limited Guarantees



Protection Level





Low (for corrections)

Low (affirms previous deed)


Allows life estate with remainder interest

Transfers any interest owner might have

Transfers title with guarantee

Limited title guarantee

Corrects errors in prior deed

Clarifies or confirms aspects of prior deed

Liens & Debts Responsibility

Avoids some future liens & recovery claims

No responsibility

Seller responsible for all liens & debts

Seller responsible for debts during their ownership

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Common Use in Florida

Estate planning & Medicaid planning

Quick and no guarantee transfer

Regular sales with clear title

Sale with limited guarantees, often in foreclosures or bulk sales

To rectify errors in previously recorded deeds

Confirm or clarify details of a deed

Disclaimer: This comparison chart is offered for general reference only and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Deeds and real estate laws encompass complexities and variations. It's important to note that certain deed types may not be suitable for every situation. We strongly recommend consulting a Florida real estate attorney to determine which deed type best aligns with your specific needs and circumstances.

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