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Who Can Prepare A Quitclaim Deed In Florida?

In Florida, the process of crafting a quitclaim deed is no simple task. While it's technically possible for property owners to draft a quitclaim deed themselves, attempting to do so on behalf of someone else without the necessary qualifications, including title companies and non-lawyer services, can very likely be deemed an unauthorized practice of the law. This can result in legal penalties, civil liability, and the invalidation of legal documents.

Here are the potential consequences of going the DIY route:

  1. Legal Complexity: Crafting a quitclaim deed involves navigating the intricate legal rules and regulations governing deeds in Florida. Without legal expertise, you may inadvertently overlook critical details or fail to meet specific requirements.

  2. Risk of Errors: The preparation of legal documents demands meticulous attention to detail. Even minor errors or omissions can lead to complications, potential disputes, and costly legal issues down the line.

  3. Filing Challenges: Filing your deed with the county is a critical step, and the procedures can be complex. An improperly filed deed could result in delays, additional expenses, or even the invalidation of the transaction.

  4. Local Variations: Florida's counties often have unique procedures and requirements when it comes to recording deeds. Without knowledge of local nuances, you may encounter unexpected hurdles.

  5. Liability: When you prepare a quitclaim deed yourself, you assume full responsibility for its accuracy and compliance with the law. Any mistakes could leave you liable for legal consequences and financial burdens.

  6. Time-Consuming: Crafting legal documents can be time-consuming and may divert your attention from other important aspects of your property transaction.

  7. Peace of Mind: By enlisting the services of a real estate attorney, you gain peace of mind knowing that a qualified professional is handling your deed, reducing the risk of adverse outcomes.

While it's technically possible to create a quitclaim deed on your own, the potential consequences of errors, legal complexities, and filing challenges underscore the importance of hiring a real estate attorney.

At QuickDeeds.com, we provide reliable and efficient quitclaim deed services. Our experienced attorneys offer expert consultations through phone or Zoom for a flat fee of $350. We prepare the deed at no additional cost to you. Our services cover all 67 counties in Florida, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth property transfer.

Why hire a real estate attorney to prepare a quick claim deed?

  • Attorneys can review the previous deed to ensure it includes all necessary information, such as the parties' names, the property's legal description, and any relevant terms or conditions. Additionally, they can ensure that the new deed meets all legal requirements for Florida deeds, such as the formatting and language required by the state.

  • Filing the quitclaim deed correctly with the county recorder's office is also critical to ensure that the transfer of ownership is legally recognized. Attorneys can handle the filing process, which involves submitting the deed to the county recorder's office, paying the required fees, and obtaining proof of recording.

  • If any issues arise during the filing process, the attorney can address them promptly to ensure that the transfer of ownership is completed smoothly.

Hiring a real estate attorney to prepare and file a quitclaim deed can provide peace of mind and ensure that the transfer of ownership is completed accurately, legally, and without any complications.

Published: Oct 21, 2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2024

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