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How Much Does a Lady Bird Deed Cost in Florida?

At QuickDeeds.com, the cost for a property owner to prepare a Lady Bird Deed in Florida is just a flat fee of $350. This fee encompasses more than mere deed preparation.

Our flat fee includes a brief 15-minute consultation with a licensed Florida real estate attorney, available via a virtual meeting or phone call. During this consultation, our attorneys familiarize themselves with the property owner's unique situation and, based on this understanding, prepare a ready-to-sign Lady Bird Deed explicitly tailored to their needs. Once the deed is fully executed, we file it electronically.

Why shouldn't a property owner prepare a Lady Bird Deed themselves or use a non-attorney service? A non-attorney service is a company that offers legal document preparation services without the oversight or counsel of a lawyer and often without the safeguard of malpractice insurance. The risk is that such services may lack the legal expertise and the specific understanding of Florida real estate law necessary to prepare and file a Lady Bird Deed correctly. Even a minor mistake or omission could invalidate the deed or result in unexpected legal or financial consequences, and worse, it could lead to someone other than the intended beneficiary gaining entitlement to the property.

For $350, QuickDeeds.com, a service provided by Easler Law that specializes in estate planning and probate, offers peace of mind. Our attorneys assure property owners that their deed is prepared correctly by a licensed attorney who comprehends Florida law and their unique situation. The potential risks of do-it-yourself deed preparation or using a non-attorney service are not worth it. Allow QuickDeeds.com to prepare the deed to ensure it's legally sound and enforceable.

Published: Nov 8, 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2023


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