Does QuickDeeds.com offer blank deed forms?

No, QuickDeeds.com does not offer blank deed forms or templates.

Deed forms must be specific to your jurisdiction, state, and county to be valid. Even if you use a blank deed form or template, most jurisdictions have strict content and execution requirements, leading to a high probability that the deed will be drafted and executed incorrectly, will convey the wrong type of interest, give your property to the wrong person, have no effect, or will simply be the wrong type of deed you need.

Everyone knows that “cheap real estate” is an oxy moron, so why be cheap with your real estate transfers?

At QuickDeeds.com, our attorneys provide clients with a quick consultation by phone or virtual teleconference to ensure the deed type is suited for your particular circumstances, to answer any questions, and obtain the information to prepare and file the deed for you.

Published: Nov 24, 2022

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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